*Flexion HT Extruder Kit - Single i3


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High temperature Flexion 3D printer extruder.  Sold as a bundle with the standard Flexion kit. Allows printing at temperatures up to 290°C to allow Nylon and Polycarbonate. Improved PLA performance. Fast hotend swapping. Works with all the same printers as the standard Flexion kits.

*Does not include stepper motor

High-temp bundle for single extruder kits. Includes entire standard Flexion Extruder kit plus a separate high-temp hotend (barrel, heater block, nozzle). Nozzles include are: 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, and 0.8mm. This works with the Wanhao Duplicator i3 and similar printers. You will no longer need your stock heatsink with this assembly.

High-temperature 3D printer extruder upgrade or retrofit kit for common 3D printers. This upgrade allows printing of materials at up to 290°C. The barrel is designed in collaboration with Micro Swiss. The finned mounting block has several advantages:

  • Better thermal performance
  • Visibility of extruder (you can remove your stock heatsink – but continue to use the fan)
  • Easy removal of the hotend without disassembling the motor and extruder (tool access between fan blades)



This kit requires you to disassemble your printer’s extruder and reinstall this upgrade. Instructions will be posted soon.

Note: the HT mounting block does NOT include an M6 mounting hole, necessary for HICTOP and some other eBay kit printers.

Works With:

iFlashforge Creator, Monoprice Dual, Wanhao 4S, Powerspec Ultra, and many others. See the Flexion support page for information on retrofitting to your printer.


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the good investment to improve my printing

very pleased with the performance more than met my expectation
Posted by Dan Sigmundson, November 22, 2018