Flashforge Flexible Spring Steel Build Plate Assembly

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Flashforge flexible spring steel build plate kit.


  • magnet with 3M
  • build sheet with 3M
  • flexible spring steel plate

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Definitely worth getting.

I have a Flashforge Creator Pro 2. I highly recommend this upgrade for this printer. It should have come with it in the first place. It is so much easier remove prints using the flexible build plate. I found that I need to use a glue stick to get prints to stick to the plate especially when I am using PVA for supports. It is nice to be able to remove the plate from the printer for cleaning. The installation was not too bad. The worse part was removing the original build plate. I took a bit of work to get all that glue off. Other than that you just had to make sure that everything was aligned before sticking it down.
Posted by DWheeler, May 05, 2022