Flashforge Creator Pro 2 IDEX 3D Printer


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The Creator Pro 2 3D printer is a small format Independant Dual EXtruder (IDEX) 3D printer from Flashforge.

  • Supports PLA, PVA, ABS, HIPS.
  • Dual colour or dual material.
  • Supports mirror printing mode, duplicate printing mode and soluble printing mode.
  • Self-developed software FlashPrint. 

Key Specifications:

  • Printing Technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
  • Build Volume: 200 L X 148 W X 150 H mm
  • Mirror/Duplicate Mode Build Volume: 80 L X 148 W X 150 H mm
  • Layer Resolution: 0.1-0.4 mm
  • Interface: Touchscreen/USB/SD Card
  • Extruder Quantity: 2
  • Rear External Spool Holders
  • Print Speed: 10-100 mm/s
  • Maximum Nozzle Temperature: 240℃
  • Maximum Heated Bed Platform Temperature: 120℃
  • Screen Language: Chinese / English/ French / Japanese /Korean
  • Device Size: 526 x 360 x 403 (550 with enclosure top)mm
  • Net Weight 15 kg
  • Input: 100-240 VAC, 47-63Hz
  • Output: 24V, 13.3A
  • Power: 320W

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A good idex printer

I mainly bought the Creator Pro 2 to use water soluble supports (PVA). It prints pretty good but not as good as my CR-6 SE. Although this is not a stock CR-6 I have made a lot of modifications to it. One problem with the Creator Pro 2 is not being able to calibrate it properly (e-steps, pid…). The setting are just not there. You can do some of it through the slicer but…. If I could calibrate the Creator Pro 2 like I have with my CR-6 I could improve the print quality quite a bit. But it does what I wanted. I have been getting fantastic results using PVA for supports. I had to use a different slicer (Simplify 3D) to get the supports dialed in. FlashPrint did not allow me to use a different extruder for support material at least not that I could find. I did not spend a lot of time with Flashprint it was too limited. The printer itself is a bit noisy. It is not all that upgradable. My CR-6 is built better. There is ringing in the prints. I have tried lower print speeds which helped. I was going to try tightening the belts but there does not seem to be a way to do this. I guess I could put some kind of clips on the belt to pull it tighter. Makes me wonder how you would replace the belts if you needed to. The belts are glued to the extruder carrier. It does not seem to be supported by other slicers without some work. I am hoping I can get it to work with OctoPrint so I can monitor and control it remotely. I am hopeful since other people have got it to work. I guess for the money it is a good idex printer. The other options were a lot more expensive or just not worth buying.
Posted by dwheeler, May 05, 2022