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*E3D Titan Aqua

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E3D's recommended motor: 12.7 N-cm Motor

For use with the E3D Water Cooling Kit

Titan Aqua is a two-in-one water-cooled HotEnd and Extruder by E3D. It's quiet, efficient, and all-metal so that you can print at the highest of temperatures.

Water Cooling
Titan Aqua stays cool when the ambient temperature is high. It offers outstanding thermal performance, as both the heatsink and motor are water-cooled. Aqua is designed for use in warm and heated chambers, making it easy to print with every kind of high-strength plastic. The whole system is highly efficient and very quiet.

E3D Ecosystem Compatible
Titan Aqua is built on the E3D V6 all metal design, allowing you to reliably 3D print any thermoplastic at temperatures of more than 300°C. Like its cousin the Titan Aero, Titan Aqua makes use of a V6 heat break. This means the entire hot side is identical to a V6, and can be upgraded with E3D's full range of high-temperature parts.

Titan Pedigree
Titan Aqua retains all the features of a Titan extruder, including the idler mechanism, easy filament change, sharp-toothed custom-machined hobb, and precision 3:1 gearing ratio. With thousands of in-house hours' experience printing with Titan, we have honed the design for peak performance.

Easy to Use, Maximum Performance
Water-cooled performance has never been so simple or so effective. Its compact design maximises filament constraint and sharp thermal transition, both crucial for printing precision. Aqua can be assembled independently and then mounted inside your printer as a single unit.

What's in the Box

*Please note, the Titan Aero kit comes without a mounting bracket or spacer. You'll need a minimum of 2mm spacing between Titan and its motor. Either use a pre-existing spacer, or add 'mounting bracket' in the product options.

Machined Parts

  • Main body
  • Sealing plate
  • Filament guide
  • Hobbed shaft with Derlin gear
  • Pinion gear
  • V6 aluminium heater block
  • V6 heatbreak
  • V6 brass nozzle


  • V6 universal fixings kit
  • 2 x M5 4mm Push-fit elbow fittings
  • 2 x MR95ZZ bearings
  • M3x3 Grub screw
  • 4 x M4x15 Socket head cap screws (for mounting)
  • 2 x M3xM25 Socket head cap screws
  • M3x16 Socket head cap screws
  • Circlip
  • Titan idler spring

Electrical Parts

  • E3D 'Compact but Powerful' NEMA17 motor
  • Motor cable
  • Thermistor and connector cable
  • 30W heater cartridge

Unassembled Kit

  • Silicone sealing gasket
  • Titan idler arm
  • V6 Silicone sock
  • Thermal compound paste
  • 100mm PTFE tubing

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Working great in heated chamber

so far it's excellent. I've put around 200 hours on it in a fully enclosed chamber (65C ambient) printing at 260C and performing flawlessly. The average temperature i'm measuring on the extruder only 45C (even after 10 hour+ prints)! Geared drive is a huge improvement over my old direct setup. ***Kit didn't come with tubing. I used some cheap 4mm OD boden tube as the and have been getting occasional small leaks from the barrel connectors. Only regret is I wish it had come with some factory tubing. Mounting it to a Rep2 style carriage was difficult. I ended up needing a custom machined mounting plate and altering my old bearing block. Overall I'd buy again and recommend to anyone building a heated chamber machine.
Posted by Noah Li-Leger, June 16, 2018