Creality CR-10S Pro MainBoard v2.4


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Creality CR10S Pro control board v2.4 with pre-installed firmware for v2.

Buy a Creality CR-10S Pro MainBoard for your 3D Printer from #Spool3D online in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!

Manufacturer Part Number: 6001020004, 4002020014


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Board Works - Maybe (roll the dice)

I made the cardinal sin of cleaning my nozzle with my 3D printer powered up which shorted the heating element leading to the destruction of its control board. I picked up a replacement board from Spool3D and installed it using proper ESD protocols (wrist strap and careful handling and storage of the new board). Upon bootup, the printer worked but there appeared to be an issue with the display board as the version information was all starred out. I figured it was a mismatch of firmware versions between the display board and control board. I finished the ~5 hour job I needed to get done and powered off the machine for about a month and a half as I had other more pressing things that needed to be handled. When I finally got back to playing with it, upon bootup it was non responsive. The control board when powered up would not boot properly so I purchased an Uno R3 to reflash the bootloader which was unsuccessful. I purchased a second new replacement board and got it up and running and let Spool3D take a look at the defective board. They confirmed it was dead and could not be reflashed. My inquiry regarding any sort of warranty on it for it for working for less than 5 hours was left unanswered which has left me a bit salty. I take responsibility for the first mistake but the second one is due to a bad board but support for it has been dismal. I would be wary of the Creality boards as my experience has shown them to be less than stellar. I am back up and running but it has cost me the price of what a new small 3D printer would be which is unfortunate.
Posted by Darren, March 13, 2021