BIGTREETECH SKR E3 DIP V1.1 Control Board with TMC 2208 UART


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On initial use, the SD card must have a firmware.bin file installed on it prior to powering up.  This will install firmware onto the board and allow your computer to recognize it as a USB device.
  • Brand Name: BIQU
  • Item Type: Motherboard
  • Model Number: BIGTREETECH SKR E3 V1.1
  • Product name: SKR V1.3 32-Bit Board
  • Material: 4-layer PCB
  • MPU:ARM Cortex-M3 CPU - STM32F103RET6 72MHz
  • Main Control Chip: LPC1768
  • Input Voltage: DC12V-DC24V
  • Current: 5A-15A
  • Support Display: 2.8 "TFT, 3.5" TFT, LCD2004, LCD12864
  • Support Driver: TMC5160, TMC2130, TMC2130SPI, TMC2208, TMC2208UART, ST820, DRV8825, A4988...
  • Support file format: G-code
  • Removable Fuses
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)

Instructions and Firmware 

What's in the box:
  • USB Cable
  • 4 x drivers with heatsinks

Buy a BIGTREETECH SKR E3 DIP V1.0 32-bit control board from #Spool3D for your 3D printer in Canada without the surprise cost of the exchange rate!



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Great product but needs more refinement and support

I purchased this board as an upgrade for my heavily modified Ender 3 Pro so I could use my MKS GEN L for another project. After some figuring out on my end it started great, I found the if I had my BL touch plugged into the Boards Servo port it shorted something out and reset the board. I ended up having to wire in a buck converter to supply 5v to the BL touch to get that to work. I flashed the latest version of Marlin 2.0.1 with success, after some trouble shooting with the extruder stepper skipping steps and massive print artifacts I had a working system. Now I'm having problems with the Onboard SD card reader not reading the SD card. It started printing from the SD but would abruptly stop and freeze once it was done the Raft (yes I tried other SD cards and Gcode Files). Then a day later it would not print from the SD card at all. Would not even heat up the bed one start confirmation was selected. Another bummer is the lack of support from the manufacturer and forums for these issues. All of this I've had to figure out on my own. Another thing I did not like was the lack of expansion, minimal pins for external controls for modifications. Overall the function of the board was great. I'm hoping v1.2 will fix these issues but now I've got a board and printer sitting idle till I get this sorted out.
Posted by Ethan, January 24, 2020

No longer hear R2D2

With this board and drivers installed there is no more beeeeeeeping and whurring of the steppers. Just the fan noise
Posted by Benjamin Mctavish, November 21, 2019

Love it

With the help of the awesome staff, this board was installed and it was night and day compared to my stock board. Being new to coding. Any issues I had were from my own doing.
Posted by Benjamin McTavish, November 09, 2019

Bigtreetech skr Ender 3 controller board

I don't have a positive review. This board arrived dead on arrival
Posted by Ken McCoy, September 26, 2019