104GT-2 Thermistor - M3 x 4mm Screw


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NTC 100K Thermistor

  • B value = 4267 ; 2% accuracy
  • Precision: 3%
  • M3 x 4mm brass screw mount
  • JST Connector

Package contents:

  • NTC 100K Thermistor mounted in M3 x 4mm Brass Screw
  • JST connector and terminals

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SKU: NTC-104GT2-M3


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weak wires, wide tolerance, otherwise good.

As others have said, the wires here are the weak link. I bought 2, and one is in the trash with broken wiring. Stronger wire and some strain relief would make these so much better. It's not ALL bad though. the 3mm thread fits into the heat block well, and gets good thermal contact with the heat block, which is more consistent than one that just sits in the opening, with or without thermal grease. As a result, you will more consistent printing temperatures. Consistent isn't correct, however, and there seems to be a fair amount of variance between them. The first of these was pretty close to what I was getting before. The reading was a bit cool, so I needed temperatures set about 5 degrees hotter than I really wanted. When I replaced it with the second one, I had to replace some PTFE tubing and drop temperatures by about 18 degrees.
Posted by Dan, September 28, 2018

Thermistor wires weak link of this thermistor.

A wire on my thermistor broke off when I attached my thermistor to my 3D printer, it cannot be salvaged. My wires were not centered in the potting and one sheared off unexpectedly. Centering the wires in the brass fixture and extending the length of the potting would help alleviate the problem.
Posted by undefined, August 07, 2018

complete garbage

Ive purchased 5 of these thinking theyd be more reliable than the alternative... Between the constant decoupling and the fact any bit of tension on the wires result in them being pulled from the thermistor, im stuck now without the ability to print and now ive gotta fork out money for more which i cant be sure will function either, especially since im a week late starting a project due in 3 days.
Posted by Zander Schmautz, June 18, 2018